Ryan Thomas Neace


Psychotherapist // Seer // Giver of Names

“I hope to help you find that elusive sense of feeling okay in your own skin.” 


Proper Specs

Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy, Bachelor of Science, Religion

Experience in Mental Health: 2002 to present

Professional Licensure: 

California Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), License #10406

Missouri Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), License #2013014281

Virginia Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), License #0701005000

(Wisconsin Pending) 

Board Certifications: Board Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC), Board Certified National Counselor (NCC), Certification #304432

From Ryan:

“Part of being healthy is having enough support and courage to routinely assess your life, to look at yourself critically, to hazard receiving the input of someone you’ve decided to trust. For this to develop into a real lifestyle rather than something that we struggle with our whole lives and generally only do in the middle of or after our current crisis, we have to learn how to do it regularly, voluntarily.

Many of us find that our efforts to do this are interrupted by what happens when we give it a whack — often there is a sea of voices telling us that, for example, our assessments are incorrect, that we aren’t worth it, that we don’t subscribe to the right kind of morality or lifestyle to be happy, or that we are fundamentally flawed for taking the time to self-assess at all.

My point:

If you don’t learn how to have the process of self-assessment without all this baggage, the process of trying to get help is typically exhausting and fruitless. And it is for so many.

So, the key is that most mental and spirtual work is about becoming aware of what happens for you when you try to do it, and then reckoning with that. What unfolds when you try to get help for yourself is as important as whatever you’re seeking help for (which of course is important too).

The only way to do this is to let someone get to know you — the real you.  

If we can just do that simple thing, our work together will not only be helpful, but a life-transforming, deeply authentic encounter with a fellow human.  And believe it or not, that encounter itself is what does most of the work. The rest is us just figuring out the when, where, what, and how.  Turning over puzzle pieces and making sense of the picture. 

I hope to help you find that elusive sense of being okay in your own skin — I can’t wait to begin.”

Ryan Thomas Neace


SJ, Client for 7 years

“How many healthy, well-bounded, self-accepting/affirming/respecting/loving thoughts do I have that I wouldn’t without my conversations with Ryan?  So many times, I hear myself talking to others – with some really sage counsel – and think, man, that wasn’t me — that was Ryan!  He was not the only person who affected my journey and my attitudes about myself and life, but he was the most consistent presence and the one through whose conversation all that other input was filtered.  There wasn’t much I could bring to Ryan that he couldn’t handle. I never had to worry about being too smart, too spiritual, too weird, or too heavy for him. He was smart enough to process my deepest theories, open enough intellectually to appreciate my unique views on life, and never judgmental of what I judged in myself.  His vulnerability and softness enabled him to hear things that might break a person more brittle.   He maintains an open-hearted receptivity and the ability to be vulnerable to other people’s most difficult stories while still being fairly masculine and projective (as opposed to receptive, which he also is). A visionary with a plan and a trajectory for himself, and an exemplar of healthy acceptance of self, Ryan is a highly integrated person.”

LS, Client for 5 years

“I saw Ryan over the course of several years to help me cope with a serious bout of my persistent depression, and I can’t express enough how much of a help and source of solace he was for me. He was able to coach and counsel me through every step of my journey, which included analyzing my family history, advising on career decisions, unraveling long-held thought patterns, and transitioning from crisis into longer-term mental health care. One of the lessons from my time with him that I’m most grateful for is learning to view life events in a more objective way. I have a tendency to let my emotions run the show, and it took time and lots of effort to build the emotional muscle to see reality as it truly is, rather than how I think it should be. With his help, I’m not as much of a mystery to myself anymore. Ryan’s patience with me was unrivaled, and above all, he is one of the most sincerely genuine, open-minded, and empathetic people I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful for my time with him!”

CA, Client for 3 years

“I started seeing Ryan in the midst of minor life crisis and ended up staying for several years. I was engaged and terrified to get married, and I needed someone objective to work through the fear with. Ryan was wonderful. He offered support and a safe space where I could vent my fears without judgement. What I love about Ryan is that he listened deeply and helped me sort through my underlying programming to get to the core of my panic. I felt totally accepted, but I also appreciate that he was firm with me, pushing back when I was deluding or being too hard on myself. In addition to fears around marriage, we worked on family relationships and boundaries, and had several fruitful discussions around my work life, when he helped me navigate a major decision and figure out what I really wanted for myself. I’ve worked some with the Enneagram, and Ryan used this framework skillfully to help me understand myself and those in my closest orbit—which I now reference constantly on my own.  Some people view therapy as expensive, but I never once regretted a session. Every single time, I left with something practical: an actionable idea, a powerful reframe, a game-changing new concept.”

SL, Client for 5 years

“I met Ryan after multiple failed attempts at therapy. He was the first person that was able to truly help me unearth aspects of my person that were failing me. For many years I recognized that something wasn’t working. I had always been a bit anxious, but it was the panic attacks that gave me a sense of urgency to do something. By working with Ryan, I was able to realize that some of the same thoughts that helped me survive as a child were a hindrance to my growth as an adult. He was also the first person to verbalize the trauma I faced as a child was not my fault. Those few words allowed me to release a huge burden I had carried for decades. Much of my personal growth can be attributed to the hard work that Ryan challenged me to do. I am thankful that our paths crossed and that I had the opportunity to grow to encompass self-acceptance and self-awareness that can only help me grow more.”

AB, Client for 3 years

“I worked with Ryan for three years. When we started our journey together, it was right before I left my 9-5 job that had become toxic to start my own business. I was dealing with a ton of recovery and transition issues. Ryan’s insights and experience were invaluable in helping me balance what often seemed like an overwhelming amount of change. Ryan is down to earth and straightforward, but in a caring way. He was equally a source of support and challenge. He normalized and helped me feel secure where I was – even when it wasn’t where I thought I should be, but also asked those probing (and sometimes irritating) questions that would help me push forward to the next step or level. Ryan is a truly caring and compassionate person. His personality puts you at ease even when you’re talking about the most vulnerable of topics. It wasn’t uncommon for one or both of us to laugh and cry in the same session. He also has a breadth of knowledge that brought great insight to our sessions. I highly recommend Ryan. By the time we parted, I felt much more confident in my new role as a business owner and more whole from the stress and trauma of my past.”

DJ, Client for 3 years

“After talking to Ryan for just over 40 months and covering just about every topic imaginable, I don’t know how I could have been placed with such an easy person to talk to, no matter what was going on. Typically, my topic of the week would change, but Ryan was ready to speak in great depth about anything I could throw at him. He was great at connecting the different themes to find the real issues I was dealing with. Ryan’s ability to do this on the fly showed his overall knowledge of the various struggles people have to learn to deal with. There were many times his ability to bring something up that I may have only mentioned in the past with an attempt to draw a connection never ceased to amaze me. It took me a while before I started to really grasp what Ryan had been trying to get me to understand. But once I did, it made our sessions that much better. I began to work through things on my own after that point, thanks to the methods and tricks I learned from Ryan. Because Ryan empathetically worked with me, I can now work through most of my down moments to come out ahead!”

MC, Client for 4 years

“Ryan and I worked together during a very challenging period of my life. At the time, I struggled with significant feelings of grief, fear, and anxiety from growing up with an addicted parent. Throughout my entire journey with Ryan I felt respected, cared-for, and deeply understood. He helped me understand the way addiction plays out in families, and offered profound insights into the root causes of how I felt. Ryan challenged me to take actions toward an emotionally healthier life and encouraged me to be loving and kind to myself when I didn’t meet my own expectations. I made a tremendous amount of progress during our time together, and use things he taught me every single day. Ryan is someone I respect immensely, and I attribute much of my current well-being to his support and guidance.”

KB, Client for 3 years

“Seeing Ryan as a therapist for several years has helped me immensely in dealing with specific personal crises, as well as addressing broader issues related to generalized anxiety, depression, and an overall desire to create a more purposeful and meaningful life. Ryan is a patient and respectful therapist who listens without judgment and provides insightful and sometimes deeply personal advice. Whether addressing specific goals or problems, or providing guidance to help identify larger, less defined, issues, Ryan’s perceptiveness, empathy, and honesty ensures that his therapy sessions are both productive and meaningful. More specifically, Ryan does not simply recite generic platitudes or assurances. Rather, he engages in intelligent, challenging discussions that lead his clients to draw their own conclusions and find their own motivations for recovery and change. Overall, I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone experiencing challenges, dealing with trauma, or just looking for some compassionate guidance and support.”

TW, Client for 2.5 years

“I’m not even sure where to begin with this, because I do not know that there are words that explain just how instrumental Ryan has been in helping me navigate the last few years of my life. He gave me the tools to communicate with people in my life instead of pushing them away, called me out when I was trying to take the easy (i.e. extremely unhealthy) way out of a situation, and gave me permission to be selfish at times without feeling guilty. He never made me feel like my problem was too small or I was overreacting, while still helping me to see situations from the other side. He didn’t push if he could feel I wasn’t ready (or say I told you so after I finally listened, and it turned out he was right!). I can honestly say I would not be where I am in my life right now (in a happy, healthy relationship and a career I love) if I had not started seeing Ryan when I did.”

RF, Client for 3 years

“The day I walked into Ryan’s office changed my life forever. Before this day, I found myself in a dark lonely place with nowhere to go. I exhausted all options and felt there was no hope left for me in this world.  Over the course of our sessions, my life began to take a turn for the better, and I finally began to live again. I was abandoned by everyone else in my life, but Ryan stuck by me in my most difficult times when no one else did.  I attribute getting my life back to the help and care I was given, and I highly recommend taking a chance if a change is what a person is after. I am now happier than I have ever been, and I cherish every day as a gift after the changes that occurred through my sessions with Ryan. I am more confident than I have ever been. Ryan helped steer me in a direction that empowered me to live my life to my fullest potential. I developed a trusting relationship with him, and I felt comfortable discussing anything about my life, even the most sensitive parts that are hard to talk about with people.”

JK, Client for 6 Months

I want to express my deepest gratitude for Ryan. I’ve seen probably 6 different therapists in my life, and no one has ever seen me, made me feel as comfortable, and made the therapy process as fun and enjoyable as he has.

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